Readings and Unknowns

I’ve had an iPod Touch by my side over the last few months, and I’ve been able to record the words whose meanings were beyond me from my readings.

From The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain:

charily (adv):

  1. carefully; warily.
  2. sparingly; frugally.

ferule (n): also ferula, a rod, cane, or flat piece of wood for punishing children, esp. by striking them on the hand.

éclat (n):

  1. great brilliance, as of performance or achievement.
  2. conspicuous success.
  3. great acclamation or applause.
  4. (archaic) notoriety; scandal.

clod (n):

  1. a lump or mass, esp. of earth or clay.
  2. a stupid person; blockhead; dolt.
  3. earth; soil.
  4. something of lesser dignity or value, as the body as contrasted with the soul: this corporeal clod.
  5. a part of a shoulder of beef.

sedulous (a):

  1. diligent in application or attention; persevering; assiduous.
  2. persistently or carefully maintained.

From My Man Jeeves by (who else) PG Wodehouse:

prismatic  (a):

  1. of, pertaining to, of like a prism.
  2. spectral in color; brilliant.
  3. highly varied or faceted.

persiflage (n): light, good-natured talk; banter

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